Voter File Fundraising Target

I am up against a fundraising deadline of $2,500 so I can purchase tools for voter identification and outreach. We’re ready to start canvassing immediately but we can’t begin until we purchase a license to the voter file. You can

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Viva Las Vegas


For just $2,500 you can spend a weekend in Vegas with our US Representative, Billy Long, or for $25 you can send a strong message to Billy Long and all of the other do-nothing Representatives in the House that we the people

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I Cannot Rest

I cannot rest tonight, I couldn’t rest last night, the night before, or the night before that. I cannot rest because we will not stop shooting each other.  I cannot rest because young black males are 21 times more likely

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My Heart is Broken

Like many of you, I woke this morning to news of 50 of our brothers and sisters losing their lives in a flurry of senseless hate. I am sick, I feel like words are useless today. Yes, this was an

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I refuse to do “Call Time”


There, I said it. There is a lot of pressure on people running for office to spend countless hours on the phone doing what is called “Call Time” asking donors for large sums of money. A report done by CBS

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Not My Representative


Recently Billy Long penned a column in the Springfield News Leader professing support for survivors of domestic violence, this would be great news were it not for his terrible voting record on the issue, including voting against the Violence Against

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On Water Poverty in America

Flint isn’t the only place in America where the health and welfare of citizens have taken a back seat. If you haven’t been following the Westlake Landfill the link below is a good primer. In the southwestern US, the Navajo

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