I am a proud supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe our founding fathers intended this to be a nation of gun owners. We are unique in that tradition and that freedom. We are a nation of gun owners who are for the most part responsible, unfortunately there are those few who would use guns […]


I do not believe coal, oil, or natural gas are the fuels of the future. We need to move toward secure and domestic sources of clean sustainable energy so we can continue to fuel the growth of our great nation with our expansive natural resources as we always have.

Marriage Equality

Same sex marriage is one of the great civil rights issues our time. I am fighting for equality on all fronts, including sexual orientation. Furthermore; I believe any limits on same sex marriage are a direct violation of equal protection.


I believe we can lift many Americans out of poverty by increasing the minimum wage, but I believe we can increase the number of Americans who lift themselves out of poverty by providing childcare services to working Americans. The cost of childcare is cost-prohibitive for many families, meaning they either find care that is less […]

Cannabis Reform

Marijuana Prohibition is a failed policy, pure and simple. I believe cannabis reform is an issue of personal freedom. I support the regulation and taxation of Marijuana. I believe the prohibition criminalization of Marijuana was and is a mistake. It’s time for responsible adult Cannabis users to be returned their liberty and personal freedom. I […]