I am a proud supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe our founding fathers intended this to be a nation of gun owners. We are unique in that tradition and that freedom. We are a nation of gun owners who are for the most part responsible, unfortunately there are those few who would use guns for horrible purposes. That is why I want to introduce legislation to ensure that every gun sale everywhere is subject to a background check. I will vote to reinstate the assault weapons sale ban that should have never been allowed to expire in the first place. I do not support a registry or any form of limits to the constitutional right of Americans to own firearms that fall outside of the assault weapons sale ban. I also want to encourage responsibility in gun ownership on personal level, too often innocent children and adults are killed in firearm accidents. I want to increase funding for gun safety classes and gun locks, we can solve the gun violence problem in this country without vilifying responsible gun owners. I own 5 myself, but with that comes immense responsibility, most gun owners know that, together we can find common ground and put a stop to mass shootings and accidental gun deaths.