Cannabis Reform

Marijuana Prohibition is a failed policy, pure and simple. I believe cannabis reform is an issue of personal freedom. I support the regulation and taxation of Marijuana. I believe the prohibition criminalization of Marijuana was and is a mistake. It’s time for responsible adult Cannabis users to be returned their liberty and personal freedom. I believe states like Colorado are leading the way out of the “Marijuana Dark Ages” by ensuring the individual rights of Coloradans to choose wether or not to use Cannabis. Furthermore I believe that Missouri could position itself to be an economic winner in the industrial hemp market.

Let me be clear, Cannabis is not going to save the world, but it can provide us with new industries and products, something we have every reason to explore. Industrial Hemp has almost no psychoactive effect if smoked and is useful as a source of everything from building materials to bio-fuels. Medical Cannabis has been used to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients for years with positive results along with many other uses that are currently being explored. Colorado and Washington have led the way into regulated and taxed recreational Cannabis use and the (albeit short-term) benefits to these states have become clear. I join with many Americans who think there is nothing wrong with adults responsibly using recreational Cannabis. I believe it’s time to open up these new sources of revenue for states to use as they see fit.

Ten years ago, this debate was still on the political fringe, but  attitudes are shifting. More Americans support ending prohibition than ever before. Good Legislation like HR 499 has been proposed in the House (without much attention) and I think it’s time they take a second look. Congressman Long is on record as voting against House Amendment 748 which Prohibits Federal Agencies from Preventing States from Authorizing the Use of Medical Marijuana, making it clear his position not only against Medical Marijuana but his vote suggests he believes states do not in fact have the right to decide their position on Cannabis for themselves. With 58% of Americans showing support in a recentGallup poll, it’s clear that it’s time to talk about ending Marijuana Prohibition.