Water Quality

The 7th District is full of natural beauty. Streams, lakes and rivers that were here long before us. Many of us have grown up enjoying swimming, boating, and fishing in these waterways. Unfortunately, in the last 50 years many of our area’s water systems have been in steady decline due to misuse. Portions of many streams […]


The United States is experiencing a budget crisis, and I believe it’s time for an end to dysfunctional tax cuts for top earners. Taxes are never popular, and neither are spending cuts, but it is going to take a creative and pragmatic mixture of both to get this country back on track.

Reproductive Rights

Every person has a right to accessible and affordable forms of safe and effective contraception. I also believe every American has the right to be informed and aware of the choices available to him or her. Sex and reproduction are very personal and private issues and are choices best left up to the individual, not […]

Minimum Wage

I was previously on record as supporting a $9 an hour minimum wage. I know this plan would increase wages for literally millions of Americans, and at the time I felt the risks to the job market were too great to do something more drastic. Reports are now available that make it clear to me that […]

K-12 Education

The American education system is in crisis and we are failing our children. Of course standards need to be raised. However; we want an education system that encourages a child’s natural curiosity and zeal for learning, not one that takes away their personal identity and forces them into a cookie-cutter model of success. More Tests […]