10 Awesomitastic Ways To weight control


When losing weight sometimes things can become boring. You can become stuck in a routine eating that same chicken breast for dinner, and be walking down the same blocks in your neighborhood for exercise. Every once in a while it’s great for your motivation to stir things up and try something new. Instead of doing the monotonous things you have been doing, try these 10 awesometastic ways to weight control.

Try New Exercises

Walking is a great exercise, but after doing it for a month straight it becomes such a chore. Try kicking it up with a Zumba class. You will burn more calories than you are used to and the weight will come off quick. Any kind of dancing is great exercise and its fun! If you’re not quite ready to shake your booty in front of people you can always do it at home, or try some yoga. Yoga is great for beginners and works all the muscles in your body. Trying new exercises boots your metabolism and your motivation.

Change Your Dinner Plans

Go out to eat for once. Most restaurants have healthy options already on the menu. If not you can make your choice healthy by the sides and the way it is prepared. With eating the same things every week, your body may be used to it. Adding a little fat to your diet, or upping your calories by a few can actually help you weight control. You may not be eating enough for your body. Going out with friends is fun, and eating more calories….now that is awesome.

Eat More Spicy Foods

Spicy foods help you digest your food faster and temporally boot metabolism. So add a little hot sauce, or peppers to your dishes throughout the day and your body will be a fat burning machine.

Fill Your Diet With Fat Burning Foods

Foods that are actually proven to burn fat like honey, ricotta cheese, eggs, and dark chocolate. They also keep you from feeling like your depriving yourself. Eating chocolate has chemicals in it that can make you happy and keep you thin. That is a win-win situation.

Decorate With Blue

Believe it or not, the color blue is actually an appetite suppressant. Pay attention to the decor in your favorite restaurant. It may be colored like red, orange, and yellow. These colors can actually make you feel hungry. So, dress in blue, eat on blue plates, and even paint your dining room blue! These things truly help you eat less.

Clean Out Your Closet

Getting rid of all of your “fat” clothes really helps your self-esteem. If you have nothing to wear when you get bigger, you are less likely to get there again. This helps you maintain your weight, and you gain more room in your closet. Go out and buy a few pieces that are a bit too small. Looking at them hanging in your closet will motivate you to get there. The excitement you feel when you fit into them will be worth it. Your clothes can make your body.

Tell All Your Friends About It

Whether you’re dieting or exercising more (or both) telling people is important. When you keep it a secret you are more likely to fail. You can reach your goals easier when you tell your friends. It’s embarrassing to fail. Deep down you care about what other people think. If you give up everyone will know. Plus, when you tell people they are more likely to give you compliments when they see you. Hearing you look great from people feels awesome even if they are just being nice. Friends can really help by being there for you.

Clean Your House

It is something that we normally do daily. REALLY clean your house. Thoroughly scrub your floors or windows once a week. This will burn off around 140 calories and your house will be sparkly clean. Cleaning is a great workout and adding it on top of your normal exercise will boost your weight loss.

Sniff Your Food

You read it right. When you sniff foods like peppermint or bananas you might feel ridiculous but it actually works. You will feel less hungry and lose more weight. It tricks your brain into thinking that you’re actually eating the foods. Chewing gum works in the same way. So, put your nose to work and sniff away.

Kiss Your Partner

There is nothing more awesome than being in love. Kissing your partner passionately burns around 7 calories a minute. If you do this for just ten minutes a day it burns off about 8 pounds a year! Kissing makes you feel good, helps your relationship, and helps you weight control.

Losing weight can be hard. Try new things to make it easy and…Fun. There are some really awesometastic ways to melt the fat off without hardly trying.


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